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April 2, 2017

We’re chillin’ and willin’ in the flow of Love!

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Yesterday, I traveled from New Jersey to Los Angeles and it got a bit interesting.  I had to leave the house at 4:30 a.m. to make a 6 a.m. flight.  As the cab to take me to the airport was arriving, I realized that I couldn’t find my wallet.  I thought that perhaps I’d lost it or dropped it at the restaurant the night before, or in the cab home.  Yikes!  I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I wondered what to do, with no cash, no credit cards, and no driver’s license.  I checked-in on my intuition.  And knew to follow it was the best thing.  Still, that meant leaving with just my passport and a plan to go to the bank when I got to Los Angeles – hoping I wouldn’t need any money along the way.  It’s called faith.

The 15 minutes that it took to look for my wallet, and then get my passport, meant that I was running late.  Then the driver drove really slowly in the raining, dark, pre-dawn trip to the airport.  By the time I got to the airport, it was about 5:15 – only 45 minutes until departure time.  They wouldn’t check my bags, but decided to book me through on the next flight.  I was fine with that.

I waited to have the new arrangements ticketed. While I was weighing my bag, I discovered it was a couple of pounds over. So I opened it up to take out a couple of books and lighten the load.  There was my wallet, right on top.  Thank God for that because if I hadn’t had a few pounds over, I would have had to get a cab from the airport – you can’t rent a car without your driver’s license, and then I would have taken a cab to the bank to cancel my cards and get new ones and it would have been a different day.

I don’t know why Spirit arranged for my incident.  I have no idea why it was for the highest and best.  Maybe it was just to be able to share with you.  Maybe it’s meaningful to you and that’s the reason for it.

What I do is that I’m so glad I listened to my guidance to head to the airport regardless.  I’m glad for everything just as it was.   I got to practice Peace and share my Peace with those along my journey.  I feel that’s a great blessing for me and it was a gift to share.

I have a commitment to demonstrating being in the flow.  The flow is always happening and I can choose to be in it or not.  I know what it feels like to feel outside the flow and separate.  I know what it feels like to block the flow, and I know what it feels like to be one in the flow.  I choose to listen and follow in the flow.

Is there any message you’ve been getting that you’ve been ignoring that you could follow and get more into the flow of Love in your life?


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