Love Is My Protection

April 22, 2017

We challenge ourselves to Love fully and with an open heart!

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I have talked with many people who are worried for their safety in one way or another.  Some are concerned about the possibility of financial loss, some fear their spouse is losing interest, others are worried about their loss of a job or their health.  I get it.  This is a world where things are always changing.

One thing I’ve come to have great faith and reliance on is the Power of Love, and that’s why it’s the name of this non-profit ministry.  I’ve seen that Love is my protector.

The more loving I am and the more I am focused on being loving and sharing Love, the more protected I feel.

As I say frequently, the safest place is in my open, loving heart.  When I’m open and loving then I’m not likely to get hurt.  When my heart was closed, I got hurt all the time.  It’s hard to believe that’s how this life works, but it does.

We think that if we close our heart and don’t get too close to people that we’re less likely to get hurt, but the way to avoid suffering isn’t through isolation, it’s through compassion and Love.

When you truly love someone who would like to leave you, then you won’t hold them back. That would be far more painful than letting them go.  When you believe in lack and limitation, you’d rather make them suffer to stay with you, then let them go.

When we realize that the great protector is our own loving heart, then life really changes because we’re not trying to “get” safety and security from someplace where it will never come.

We’re all secure in God’s Love, but we have to be willing to share it to feel it and know it.  That requires courage – and courage, of course, is the ability to feel fear, but choose the loving choice anyway.

Let’s live a pain-free life through being open-hearted!


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