Willing to Be Willing

April 15, 2017

With Kimberly Cartwright at the Easter ACIM Conference

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Last night at the Easter ACIM Conference, I was speaking in tandem with Kimberly Cartwright, whom I’ve known for about six years.  Kimberly was in Masterful Living back then, and is a gorgeous Spirit who truly is, “in it to win it!”  Winning it, meaning awakening in this dream of separation.

I was sharing about how valuable it is for us to forget this idea that we have to learn how to be our true selves.  That’s pure illusion.

We can also forget that we don’t already know all Wisdom.  It’s already ours, and we’ll remember that as soon as we truly value it.

And our journey is entirely one of willingness.  Willingness to forgive.  Willingness to awaken.  Willingness to Love.  Willingness to follow the One Voice for God that speaks to us all.

Even if we’re only willing to be willing – or willing to be willing to be willing – we’re still willing.  Our willingness is all that the Higher Holy Spirit Self requires in order for us to be returned to Abundance, Creativity, Beauty, Wisdom, Wholeness, Freedom, Purity, Harmony, Joy, and so much more.

If you start with willing to be willing to be willing, you’re in a great place.  Today, let’s be willing to remember our true identity and let the Higher Holy Spirit Self show us the way!

I AM is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  I AM willing to remember this Truth now!


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