Choosing Surrender

May 18, 2017

Light & Beauty are just 2 of the benefits of surrender!

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Surrender isn’t giving up.   At least, it’s not in the way that most of us think of.  Surrender, in it’s TRUE sense, is giving UP and over to the Higher Self.  Surrender is realizing that there’s a higher authority, a higher power than the ego that knows better and will organize everything in accordance with the highest and best if … and it’s a MAJOR if …. we allow it.

We have the power to allow ourselves to experience a life of profound Love and great Joy.  We also have the power to learn through illness, deprivation, depression, discouragement, and all forms of limitation.  This is our choice.

This world is all about our experiencing our choices and discovering through them. That’s what this journey is for.  That’s what we signed up for.

If we’re living as a victim or a martyr, then we’re going to suffer; and the antidote to suffering is surrender.

This is part of what I’ve been sharing in this week’s classes at Living A Course in Miracles.  People are letting me know that this series has been a great blessing to them.  We’re on fire with a desire to live a life of JOY!  Check it out and please share with friends!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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