Keep Calm and Be Loving

May 25, 2017

Beauty is calming and peaceful.

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One of the things I’ve noticed in my life about many people is we often get upset when people we care about are upset.  Sometimes, we get upset when anyone around or near us is upset.

Have you ever  made someone you love feel badly because you were upset with their being upset?  Sounds crazy, but it’s very common.

When someone we love is upset, we can actually make them wrong or bad, guilty or ashamed for being upset. Just because we feel threatened and we don’t like it.  That’s intense and it’s a way for us to really shift and become more loving.

One of the great things we can learn to do is to keep calm in challenging situations.  It’s not about denying how we feel.  For me, staying calm is about having trust and faith that everything works together for good and there are no exceptions.  So, even someone being upset can be for everyone’s good if we’re willing to allow Spirit to show us how that can be.

Cultivating the skill of staying loving ,even when things are upsetting, is a wonderful ability to have.  It really is life-changing.  It’s transformative because it’s loving, and Love is transformative!

Pay attention next time someone you Love is upset – and see if you make them wrong or offer compassion.  Then see how you do when someone you don’t Love is upset!  Can you have just as much compassion?

This Living A Course in Miracles series is devoted to clearing the way to hear intuition, insight, Divine Guidance, and inspiration more clearly than ever before.  It’s the VERY best gift we can give to ourselves.  And it requires that we give up the judgments that block our intuition.  This is the practice that allows us to expand into a life of perfect Love!

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