Love Is What We Are

May 28, 2017

Babies help us to remember that Love is what we are! We’re already there!

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Yesterday in my Living A Course in Miracles series of classes our class topic was Speed Up Your Healing. This is a topic that everyone can relate to, because who among us wishes to draw things out?

There’s SO MUCH possibility for healing for each and every one of us if we’re willing to open our minds and “come out from among them.” We live in a world where there are so many intense thought patterns around what we should and shouldn’t do for healing with the body, our life, and our relationships.

Love is the healer in all cases because Love is what we are.  People who are so completely loving with their children, their animals and others in their lives are sometimes actively UN-loving with themselves in the treatment of themselves.

One of the most common forms of psychological dysfunction people experience shows up in abuse and neglect of the body temple.  And then that triggers a whole litany of painful self-judgment.  We can speed up our healing and move out of that pattern.

We get such mixed messages in this world and that is why in order to heal our mind about the world we must realize that we are in the world, but not OF this world. We have a body, but we are not our bodies.

As I was sharing in my class yesterday, A Course in Miracles tells us that the body is a temple. And we are the altar. The temple is a shell, let us not worship or idolize the body temple. Let us acknowledge the altar that is within. Seek first the kingdom, which is within, and all else will be added unto you.

Are you willing to look at your thoughts and behaviors around the body and learn to be more self-loving by honoring the temple? How we hold the body in our mind is so helpful to our healing if we choose to view it that way.

Myself, I’m not interested in perpetuating the mental and emotional anguish that comes from making the physical body a false idol. I know that my body is a teaching – learning tool and I am choosing that path of learning for my awakening.

It takes great willingness to be vigilant over these crazy body thoughts, opinions, and judgments. I’m willing! Let’s do it together!

I AM willing to Love myself free of all limiting beliefs!

FREE CLASS:  Yesterday was the last class in this series – come join me live for  Living A Course in Miracles my topic is Speed Up Your Healing.  We have 10 classes already recorded and I have 1 to go this Saturday!  Click here to listen now!

This Living A Course in Miracles series is devoted to clearing the way to hear intuition, insight, divine guidance and inspiration more clearly than ever before.  It’s the VERY best gift we can give to ourselves.  And it requires that we give up the judgments that block our intuition.  This is the practice that allows us to expand into a life of perfect Love!

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