Releasing Temptation & Torment

May 21, 2017

Let’s get some lift off!

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My class yesterday was focused on releasing temptation and torment.  I used to have a thousand ways that I made life harder for myself.  Back in the days of my torment and temptation, I “kind of” knew what I was doing to myself, but mostly I decided to blame others for it.  Blaming other people and even blaming circumstances was a great way to say it was out of my control.

Imagine this:  I am  a fully licensed spiritual practitioner (Science of Mind Practitioner) yet I’m still acting this way and blaming others!  You can imagine how guilty and ashamed I would feel, because of my own self-judgment.  I couldn’t seem to stop repeating the loop of torment.

I’d behave badly and then judge myself for it, and it really kept me feeling stuck to the point of really feeling helpless and hopeless.  What changed things for me was my decision to really be ALL in for Love and Light to the best of my ability.  I didn’t expect to be able to stop judging completely all at once, because I didn’t want to give up at the first sign of failure.

I realized I could be “all in” while simultaneously doing the best I could each day.  I began to be more loving and less judgmental every day and that was miraculous to me.  It was a great learning for me, too, because I realized that if I could stop judging myself for being judgmental then I could actually be less judgmental.  What a realization!

This Living A Course in Miracles series devoted to clearing the way to hear intuition, insight, Divine Guidance, and inspiration more clearly than ever before.  It’s the VERY best gift we can give to ourselves.  And it requires that we give up the judgments that block our intuition.  This is the practice that ends the torture and torment of repeating the same errors until we feel hopeless.

I am supremely grateful for this week’s classes at Living A Course in Miracles.  People are letting me know that this series has been a great blessing to them.  We’re on fire with a desire to live a life of JOY!  Check it out and please share with friends!

TODAY:  Living A Course in Miracles classes are completely free.  We have 6 classes already recorded and 5 to go next week!   Click here to listen now!

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