What’s Your Perception?

May 22, 2017

God is Love, Love is All.

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I had a fun conversation in Masterful Living Class last week.  Rosalyn was talking about the positive effects of fear being a motivator.  She was saying that she returns the shopping cart at the grocery store because she has a judgment about not returning the cart.

I used to return the shopping carts, to the store, but then I realized that there’s no need to return them. It’s easier for me not to, and by not returning it, I’m giving a person employment.  I can receive the support of not having to return the cart.  After all, the grocery baggers will often ask if I’d like help taking my groceries to the car, wouldn’t they also like to help by taking the cart and putting it away?

In New Jersey, they don’t have self-serve gas, the attendant pumps the gas for you.  In Maine, at some stations there’s no self-serve, and I when I learned about that, I realized that I could help contribute to someone having a job by choosing the stations where there’s no self-serve.  I might cost a small amount more, but it gives someone a job.  Since I don’t particularly enjoy pumping gas, that completely works for me.

What’s interesting is the meaning we make of things.  Our perspective generates our perception, but many times we really don’t know what anything is for.

Once, I was at a Wednesday night service at Agape with a friend. As the collection basket was being passed, my friend saw someone pass the basket without putting anything in it and she turned to me and said, “That bothers me so much. How can they pass the basket without putting anything in it?”

I said to her, “I do that all the time.  I write one tithe check per month to make it easier for myself.  I’m here at service twice eight times a week or more, but I only write one check.  So, I don’t put anything in the collection most of the time.”

My friend was taken aback.  After a moment she said, “I never thought about that.  That makes sense.”

Whenever we judge, we’re taking ourselves out of the flow of Love and we’re usually creating some kind of personal, emotional, and mental distress.  If we don’t correct our thoughts, then we start feel the upset in our physical body.  Our life is so much easier if we simply focus on being loving.

We’re designed to be peaceful, harmonious and prosperous, and our misperceptions trigger a feeling of upset so we can realize that it’s time to course correct.  It’s a great system to remind us that Love is our  true identity, and Peace is our natural state.  Let’s remember what’s real.

This Living A Course in Miracles series devoted to clearing the way to hear intuition, insight, Divine Guidance, and inspiration more clearly than ever before.  It’s the VERY best gift we can give to ourselves.  And it requires that we give up the judgments that block our intuition.  This is the practice that allows us to expand into a life of perfect Love!

I am supremely grateful for this week’s classes at Living A Course in Miracles.  People are letting me know that this series has been a great blessing to them.  We’re on fire with a desire to live a life of JOY!  Check it out and please share with friends!

TODAY:  Living A Course in Miracles classes are completely free.  We have 6 classes already recorded and 5 to go this week including today with Miranda Macpherson – our topic is Expanding into Love!   Click here to listen now!

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