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June 16, 2017
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With Elizabeth last year at the Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive.

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If you give yourself permission to think devastating, murderous attack thoughts about the people you say we Love would you really want to recognize that your thoughts are powerful? Or would you prefer to pretend that you’re powerless and the world is happening TO you rather than through you?

All healing is at the level of the mind because the mind is the only that is real and eternal. Yet, how many times have I tried to have a healing by changing things in the world? Millions!! Billions!! Are you willing to BE the change you’d like to see in the world instead of trying to change the world? What about when it comes to healing your body, your relationships, your finances, your emotions?

It can feel crazy making when we’re so desperate to end our suffering and yet we still won’t take the most basics step to activate our healing.

So often people are willing to pay money, to travel great distances and do everything EXCEPT work at the level of the mind. I get it.  I’ve been there COUNTLESS times.  I wanted someone to do it for me.  I wanted a guru or a magic pill. An expert to magically do it for me. Why? Because I fundamentally believed I didn’t have the power to do it for my self.  Can you relate?

What’s actually happening is that we’re abdicating our power.
We feel unworthy of our power.
We’re frightened of our power.

Our power is in our thought.
If we give ourselves permission to think devastating, murderous attack thoughts about the people we say we Love would we really want to recognize that our thoughts are powerful? No, of course not!

You are amazingly powerful. You have the power to heal everything that bothers you. Will you choose healing or will you choose to give yourself permission to attack?

When you attack, you feel unworthy of all good. The cycle continues and intensifies.

You are worthy of all good even when you feel unworthy.
How to stop the madness?

Love. Love is the healer.
It’s time to train our minds to choose Love. That’s what my classes are all about. Together we deepen our spiritual practice and activate our healing – sharing the benefits with everyone!

It can seem hard or onerous to discipline our minds, but if we’re willing to take one step at a time we begin to recognize that life can be a WHOLE LOT easier and even delightful!

If you’re willing to let the Spirit guide and direct you, you’ll be led.  We train ourselves to be good listeners.  That’s what my classes are about.  That’s what my retreats are about.  That’s what my trainings are about.  It’s because this is the thing that leads to a joyful life.  Joy comes when we finally are willing to serve the Light with our whole life.

Since withholding from God only causes pain.  Let’s be ALL IN for Love together!

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