Clearing Mental Dust Bunnies

June 30, 2017

We’re learning to walk in balance!

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So often, when we’re faced with a challenge or what feels like a “problem,” we start coming up with a strategy – we think about what to do. I know for myself, that I used to think and think about what to do without doing FIRST the one thing that mattered most – I would forget to get clear and release all the thinking, false beliefs, concerns, worries, doubts and fears that brought the challenge to me in the first place. I would forget to ask these important questions:

What is the challenge FOR?
What is the holy purpose of it?
How has it come to bless me?

I would forget to prepare myself to receive a blessing of learning, insight, and to release attachments, cravings and aversions – instead I would just start managing and coping with the problem.  I was focused on what the ego could do to fix the problem, rather than focused on the blessings that were surely coming forth.  Hmmmm.  No wonder I had so many problems!!  Good Lord!

I’ve learned that the path of ease and grace, Joy and healing is one of turning within and asking these questions.

It’s so helpful to ask, “How has this come to bless me?” rather than, “How am I ever going to fix this problem?”

Rather than THINKING about the challenge, I prefer to feel the guidance, hear the insight, download the Wisdom, activate the ability to feel what is highest and best for me to choose and move from that space. This is what I teach in my classes. It brings so much benefit. It’s a life changer and a giant time saver.  This is also what a spiritual counselor will help you to do.  It’s being able to make shifts like this that really do change your whole life for good.

You can use this technique with EVERYTHING! Remember – if your attention is on lack and attack, then you might not be able to perceive the guidance and insight above the din of your opinions because there’s no anticipation of Clarity.

Purification of our awareness is so key to living in Love – we purify any desire to hold an unloving thought and then we can realize that we truly are already perfect and pure. It’s like clearing off a dusty table top.  The table is perfect and pristine under the dust.  The dust has no power, it’s just a temporary experience that creates an illusion of impurity.  We clear the mental dust bunnies through realizing they have no value. Thoughts of lack and attack only obscure our perception. How about some summer clearing today?

I feel so uplifted from our recent Living A Course in Miracles series of 11 free classes. I got to share so much about the expansion into Wisdom that’s unfolding for all of us. Sharing is so sweet! – the replays, downloads and transcripts are all free and available to listen to right now.  I’ve had so many e-mails from people telling me that they are really shifting their thinking and feeling so inspired and uplifted! YES!  Perfect for a long holiday weekend!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful, won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know?  Thank you!

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