Cultivating Spiritual Discipline

June 7, 2017

Let’s read from the book of Love written in our heart!

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My grandfather was a salesman and he had a lot of sayings. One thing he said was, “there are three kinds of people: Workers, shirkers and jerkers.” Well, I never wanted to be a shirker or a jerker, so I became a worker. And still, there’s been plenty of times when I felt like a shirker. I have felt like I was INTENSELY reluctant and resistant to simply having that Divine Discipline that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke about.

I have to say that it was my yearning to know God in my heart that gave me that Divine Discipline. As I dedicated myself to simply being more and more loving, I discovered a discipline that Michael Beckwith calls, “bliss-ipline.” That’s what I love to see break out in the folks who are willing to do the deep work with me.

Until you experience the deep well spring of gratitude that comes from FINALLY choosing to answer the call of Love in your heart, you can’t even imagine what it is. Truly, or at least, I sure couldn’t.  It’s the gift you give to yourself.

Have you ever felt like you’d always be stuck because you’re a slacker? That’s an awful feeling and I stewed around in that for years, so I know a lot about it.

What’s AWESOME in the true sense of the word is that feeling can disappear in a moment of willingness to know the truth that sets you FREE from that feeling.  I can recall crying with such gratitude that I had finally said, “Yes,” to my calling.  What a relief!  What such tears of Joy!

Willingness to cultivate a Divine Discipline is all it takes. Why? Because there is that within each one of us that is ALREADY masterful, whole, perfect and complete, and it’s our willingness that brings us to that opening. There is no other way. Willingness IS the way!

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