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June 5, 2017

Each of these precious eggs is about the size of a dime. The nest could easily have fit in my hand.

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Yesterday, I was  gardening and trimming the branches on an overgrown bush in the yard at my family’s home on Deer Isle, Maine.  I heard something moving inside the bush and thought it might be a small animal and then I saw a bird fly away.  I knew immediately there must be a nest and I stopped trimming.  I looked inside the middle of the bush and saw this tiny nest, which could easily fit in my hand.

Nature comes in so many forms, and some of them are challenging.  I see a deer in the yard and I also see that they’ve eaten a lot of the things in the garden.  They eat the buds off the flowering trees.  They have stripped bare some of the flowering bushes.

Yesterday, I saw a raccoon ambling through the yard.  There’s a lot of nature here and some of it can seem destructive at times.  Have you ever seen what raccoons can do to your trash?  What about floods and fires and hurricanes?

And still, I don’t find fault with any of them, they’re just doing what they naturally do.  Animals look for food and eat the best thing they can find.  I can relate!

While I don’t find fault with the animals, I still feel it’s my responsibility to honor and cherish nature.  When I lived in England, I captured and released several spiders a day.

The earth is an amazing treasure.  We’re so blessed to live on such a beautiful planet.  Our ability to live here and enjoy all the beautiful aspects of this life here, is a great demonstration of prosperity.  I feel SO grateful and so blessed.

Prosperity isn’t just wealth and Abundance.  Prosperity is being able to have a good life, a sense of well-being, a good night’s sleep, healthy digestion and elimination, and clear thinking.  I cannot imagine that it would be possible to FEEL prosperous and not honor Mother Earth.

My sense is that those who don’t appreciate the earth, and all she gives us, will feel less than prosperous, because they’re not grateful for what they have.  Gratitude multiplies the good through acknowledging it.

I, myself, am an avid and seemingly compulsive recycler.  Recycling is SO important to me as part of my practice of being grateful for what I have.  By recycling, I am honoring Mother Earth’s bounty and generosity.

Being in nature, I feel restored.  I feel grateful.  I can feel and see the blessings all around me.  God is so very good and we are blessed.

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