July 22, 2017

Life is for living and loving, not rejecting and resisting!

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There’s extraordinary power that we can claim and then experience when we can learn to accept what has happened in our lives as something for us to learn and grow from.  It takes courage and it takes willingness, but it’s SO worth it.  With acceptance, we can speed up our healing, and reduce the amount of suffering to such a degree, it is absolutely AMAZING!

Believe it or not, you might not know it, but  it takes enormous energy to resist the healing that allows you to proceed to the next level of learning. It takes real focus and attention to be reluctant to accept the spiritual responsibility your experiences bring to you.  You have to be really vigilant for avoiding the healing.  How crazy is that?

Ask yourself: Would you rather keep repeating the same painful experiences, in a myriad of different ways, investing your precious time, money and energy in recreating the same lessons over and over again, or would you rather just accept your healing right now and move on?

Are you willing to accept what is?  Even if it FEELS unacceptable?

When it comes to time, now is all the time that we have and can make use of, and that’s the perfect amount. NOW is when we can accept what is, take responsibility, release all blame, harvest the learning, and have a PERMANENT healing.

Is there something you could finally take responsibility for right now, release the judgment about right now, accept and learn from right now rather than postponing for another time?  If you can think of something, if you can feel something ripe for releasing right now, go for it.

We’ve all got important and valuable work to do and the time is ripe for us to do it!  Fortunately, we’re doing it together.  All boats rise on this tide of Love.  Acceptance is the way we rise in Love!

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    Ego Loses, Everyone Wins
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