Believing What’s True

July 27, 2017

The beauty of nature inspires my faith!

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I find that something most spiritual seekers have a difficult time with is keeping the commitment to their own holiness – to really LIVING what they believe. For myself, I discovered that if I think I know something, but I don’t live it by applying it in my life, then I must not really believe it. In other words, I don’t have faith in it. If I don’t have faith in the truth, I don’t actually believe it.

If I believe that all thoughts produce form at some level and that all of my thoughts are creating my experience, and day after day, I’m struggling in misery, managing and coping with circumstances I don’t like – then clearly, I don’t believe that my thoughts create or I would change my thinking in order to have a new experience. Realizing this was so helpful to me in deciding to change my mind.

We can develop the mental, emotional, and spiritual commitment to live in alignment with our Spirit – Spirit WILL show us the way when we’re willing. Our little willingness really and truly is ALL that’s required! And we demonstrate our willingness by having faith in Spirit. Try it and see!

When we’re willing to keep our commitments to Spirit, our day improves, our health and finances improve, and our relationships DRAMATICALLY improve! When we forgo the right to complain and attack ourselves with our thoughts, our whole life improves. DECIDE to hold your commitment to Love and become accountable for your choices rather than a victim to circumstances. When you decide, the rest of life will align with you. Therein lies the power to transform your life! Go for it! I AM with you!

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    I didn’t feel worthy
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