July 9, 2017

This beautiful mandala is a great representation of our Perfection and Beauty!

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For decades, I gave myself permission to blame a lot of my challenges and my upsets on my family.  As a result, I caused myself and everyone else a whole lot of pain and misery.  I believed it wasn’t my fault that life was hard. It wasn’t my fault I felt so angry and upset most of the time.

Blaming others was like a little treasure to me. I treasured the belief that my problems were someone else’s fault. It meant I didn’t have to take responsibility.

My earnest study of the truth led me to many healing realizations and practices that allowed me to turn my PAIN and suffering into my POWER.  Taking responsibility for everything in my life really helped me to eliminate my feelings of pain and fear.

It was REALLY challenging for me to make such a big turn in my life – from blame to responsibility was a HUGE shift for me.  Intuitively, I knew it was the right thing to do.  I am so very grateful now.  I also learned that blame is not helpful, it’s actually quite destructive.

In many ways, blame felt addictive to me.  Whenever the slightest thing went wrong, I wanted to blame someone for it.  I still feel the urge to blame come up at times, and I am so grateful I can notice it and feel it and go the other way.

I had so much DOUBT about whether or not I had what it takes to develop the discipline to change my mind and have a new experience in my life.  That’s why I talk about it.  So often, I felt like a spiritual failure.  I didn’t feel truly successful until I put Spirit in-charge of shifting my life.  I took responsibility for the choices I made in the past, and I put Spirit in-charge of the future and I began to experience an enormous relief of pain.

Day by day, I began to discover what was possible for me. I went from doubting that I could ever develop the strength of mind to be peaceful, to REALIZING that I AM doing it! IT IS HAPPENING! God’s Love poured through me into all my relationships and made them whole.

It’s not that I don’t have challenges anymore, of course I do, but I don’t feel hopeless or helpless EVER anymore.  There’s very little worry and I know how to end it immediately.  I’ve learned through my personal experience of transformation that it’s essential to hold a bigger vision of Peace in our lives.  How can we have Peace when we’re blaming others for our problems?  Blame creates a deep sense of unrest and there’s no Peace in that thinking.  Peace comes from realizing that God is ALWAYS for us and never against us – and that’s how we’re designed to be.  We’re designed to always be loving and to live in a state of Peace.  We can get there.  We are doing it.  It IS happening NOW!

Forgiveness is a big part of being able to let go of blame.  Forgiving the debtors and the trespassers opens up the flow of Prosperity in your life.  It’s not just a matter of willingness, it helps to know HOW to forgive.  You can get my free “How to Get Over It” forgiveness workshop on the homepage of – it’s a great way to start releasing the blocks and opening up the flow of Abundance – won’t you please share with someone now and open the flow for yourself?

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