July 13, 2017

Offer a blessing, receive a blessing, BE a blessing! How cute are these kitties?

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In the first year of my yearlong Masterful Living Course, someone shared that their goal was to have their knee-jerk reaction be Love and compassion.  We all loved the feeling of that and we began to live with that aspiration.  Having a loving aspiration that’s the foundation of your life will naturally up level your whole life.

When life seems to squeeze you, what’s your default? Is your knee-jerk reaction to open your heart and strengthen your commitment to Love? Or do you go zero to sixty towards frustration and irritation?  Do you start defending or attacking?  Do you become offended easily?  I had all of these in spades.  I used to be so reactive. Now, I’m grateful that I have the capacity to breathe through the challenges, but I didn’t used to.  I’m not at 100% loving responses, but I’m getting closer every day.

What’s so cool is, these moments of challenge actually work FOR us.  There’s a blessing in every challenge if you’re willing to accept it.

What I notice is that life’s detours, delays, and challenges offer us the opportunity to deepen our practice and strengthen our commitment.  The challenges give us the opportunity to express more Love.  When we express more Love, we’re having more healing moments.

I once went to see the AMAZING horse show, Cavalia, as a guest of my dear friend, Ginny who is a horse lover and rider for decades. It was a spectacular show – so uplifting and inspiring! Thrilling to see the way the people and the horses worked together in perfect Unity and Harmony. What a gorgeous expression of Divine Creativity and Joy!

Afterward, in the parking lot, it was a very different story. We we’re sitting and waiting a long time while the traffic was static.  People weren’t that willing to move along in unison – it was “every man for themselves.” People were frustrated and getting out of their cars, impatient and upset that things weren’t going more smoothly.

I didn’t wish to join those around me in irritation and frustration so I prayed. I invited the angels to join us and direct the traffic through us. After all, we’re One Mind. We can do it if we choose.  I’ve learned that I don’t have to go with the crowd.  I can stay partnered up with Spirit and hold a higher vision for us all.  I can do it if I choose.

When there’s a challenge, do you move to prayer? Do you take a breath? Is your knee-jerk reaction to open your heart and extend compassion? I’ve actually learned that these every day challenges give me the perfect opportunity to deepen my practice and be a beneficial presence. We can even turn a parking lot into a sacred space.  I’m grateful for that.  I love practicing it!

What a difference it makes to have the aspiration each day to offer a blessing, receive a blessing, and BE a blessing!  Spirit does the heavy lifting of figuring out how when we allow.

I do believe we can change the default settings if we’re willing. I certainly have, and I’m continuing to up level. We’re always teaching the efficacy of our choices. Let us teach only Love for that is what we are. Now and forever!

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