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July 11, 2017

This is the “aerial” view of a table I just bought for my “outside office” in Vermont. I love it’s mandala quality and the royal blue reminds me of God’s will.

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Yesterday in my year-long Masterful Living Course, we were having a very powerful dialogue about healing the feeling of aversions in our relationships.  I feel so blessed and grateful for the deep sharing we have together and the ever-increasing willingness for us to have healing.  We’re all learning to ALLOW the healing at the deepest levels.

It takes tremendous willingness to recognize the healing opportunity that is before us when we feel frustrated, irritated, distrustful, worried, confused, angry, jealous, guilty, ashamed, or upset in any way.  That’s right, any form the upset takes is an indicator that a miraculous healing opportunity is being presented to us if we have the courage to rely upon Spirit to guide us through.

I’ve experienced paralyzing fear be turned into miraculously deepening faith and trust because of my willingness.  In this way, anyone’s willingness brings everyone benefit  – all boats rise on this tide of Love.  In this way, we can be heroic.

Right now, the action hero of the summer is Wonder Woman.  In the movie based on the Marvel comic character, Wonder Woman is faced with a challenging choice.  She has to decide either to leave her home, likely never to return, and go with a man she’s only just met, to fight and kill the God of War, and to protect the innocent women and children who are being threatened, or to stay where she is, and where she might be safe.

For Wonder Woman, there is no real choice.  Even though her loved ones fear that she doesn’t have the strength to fight the God of War, Wonder Woman must try.  She must at least do her best to protect the innocent from needlessly dying, and for the God of War to dominate humanity.  She cannot give in to fear.

Wonder Woman’s appearance in the worldwide cinema at this time is no accident.  We are awakening to the courage, strength and passion of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother, to bring forth the Divine Vision of the new heaven and the new earth.  This is the time we’ve waited for and it’s the personal healing activation that we are hear to anchor and bring forth for all beings.

Our willingness to be a loving presence is an active practice of faith and trust.  Our willingness naturally displays a belief in Spirit that our healing is possible – and that shift in consciousness allows the miraculous vision to come forth.  If we had no belief, no trust at all, we wouldn’t be able to have much healing.  Miracles would only be for special people.  Miracles are, in a sense, “contagious.” Our trust, faith and belief are healing activators that can restore the miraculous mindset to anyone’s life.

And that’s what we are, healing activators.  If we’re willing, Spirit will do the heavy lifting, show us the way, remove the obstacles, lift and carry us.  In this way, we are the living demonstration of Faith, Belief & Vision all while we’re learning how to have these precious qualities of God.

Trust and willingness are really one in the same.  In A Course in Miracles we’re told that trust is the #1 characteristic of the Teachers of God, upon which everything else rests.  We’re also told that our willingness is all that is required.  You cannot have willingness without trust and you can’t have trust without willingness. Together they call the healing into miraculous expression.  Trust and willingness go together, and they dissolve the appearance of obstacles.

Our willingness to hold a higher vision of Unity and Love is like a lightning rod for God’s goodness to flow into our life.  At times, it may seem as though we’re being tested in our ability to have faith and believe in the vision of Love for our lives.  While it seems like testing, it’s really strengthening exercises, perfectly designed to support us.

When we’re willing to have a high aspiration, to cultivate willingness and practice patience, kindness, generosity and compassion, we are a healing presence in this world.

Because our mind is the Mind of God, when we change our mind about the world, the world changes and becomes a more peaceful place.  Let’s learn to rejoice that we can change our mind.  When there seems to be a difficulty or an impasse in our relationships, let’s gratefully go first and move into forgiveness, nonjudgment, and a great willingness, with trust in Spirit.  Let’s live as healing activators for the whole human race and the earth! Let’s start today!

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