July 28, 2017

Let’s ease on down the road in the flow of Love & Prosperity!

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What I’ve learned for myself is that if I’m not experiencing Prosperity, it’s because I’m denying it.  One of the ways that I see so many people block the flow of Prosperity in their life is that they’re jealous of other people’s Prosperity.  If you resent other people’s Prosperity, or think they don’t deserve it, you’ll feel more lack in your life.  Why is that?  It’s because you’re One with them. You cannot have that which you deny to others.  You’re One with them.  You can only have what you’re willing to share.  A Course in Miracles tells us, “To have, give all to all.”

When someone’s experiencing lack and limitation, they’re usually consistently focused on lack and limitation.  I’ve seen it time and time again – including in my own thoughts.  The experience of limitation isn’t a mistake, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong.  It’s usually happening because you’re focused on limitation.  When we focus on lack, we experience lack.  Simple.

Think about it:  Some people can create Abundance and flow in their life.  Some folks experience a disaster that wipes them out and then they immediately create a whole new flow of Abundance starting from scratch.  We’ve seen it over and over again.  We live in a creative Universe that cannot help but say YES to our creative thoughts.  If we’re focused on expressing the flow, we will have to experience it.  It’s spiritual law.

No matter what you’re thinking, the Universe ALWAYS says, “Yes!  Let me show you what that looks like.”  Some folks call that the Law of Attraction.  I call it the Law of Projection.  Every thought we believe is creative and powerful. The ONLY way to experience more Prosperity is to become devoted to carefully choosing our thoughts.  This isn’t easy, it takes willingness, it takes devotion, it takes determination and intention.

We start where we are.  We are the only ones who can change our own minds.  We are the only ones who can choose our thoughts.  When we pay attention to every thought we see that our life is a projection of what we’re thinking and then we will realize how spectacularly POWERFUL we are!  The Divine Mind is always listening, always bringing us the experience of our thoughts.

This isn’t about mindlessly repeating affirmations.  Remember:   your intention, your belief, and your emotion are key.  Begin where you are.

A Course in Miracles warns us, “It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.”  Let’s be mindful of our thoughts and beliefs combining in a way that brings suffering.

Focus today on loving yourself and receiving all the good that the Universe is expressing in your direction.  Be a good receiver and count your blessings all day today.  Train your mind to be appreciative and focus on the good.  Take dominion over your thoughts – if you’d like to have a greater experience of Prosperity, be interested in being a good steward of everything that you have – love yourself enough to live a prosperous life!  It’s natural for us to live in the flow of the all good.  It’s unnatural for us to block the flow.

Every thought counts – which can scare you if you’re not willing to start where you are.  If you’re willing, it’s exciting to know that each moment contains a precious opportunity to begin again.

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