July 8, 2017

Look at the innocent Joy in this precious child’s eyes! That’s our mirror! So lovable!!

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Our spiritual reality is that we are continuously offered the opportunity to be born anew in the Spirit.  Every moment we can begin again because we can choose again.  Now is the perfect time for us to choose to release the old beliefs that are the cause of our suffering and to be born again in to an awareness of perfection that is our natural state.

NOW is the moment we are blessing ourselves and each other, or repeating the past.  We have the free will to make our choice.  Whatever we choose we learn from.  If we choose to align with the Higher Holy Spirit Self and BE the Presence of Love now we experience Joy-FULL remembering and re-learning.  If we choose to revisit and repeat the past, we experience painful learning.  It’s our choice.  Spirit does not judge our choices, only we do.

It seems easy to get caught in a web of false beliefs and forget who we are. It seems easy to forget to value the truth.  We lose our way when we become attached to a thought that’s not true – an opinion, a grudge, a grievance, or a complaint can take us on a downward spiral if we allow it. The truth is always available for us to remember and energize if we choose.  Each moment is a new opportunity for Love to flow in.

When we are born or re-born in the Spirit, it’s like emptying the cache in our computer browser. There’s no need to remember where we’ve been or what the past was. When we align with Spirit, everything we need to know we find within.

It’s helpful to remember there is only NOW in which to be refreshed by Love’s Presence. In this now moment, we can choose to give and receive Love and then we are in the right place at the right time, with right thinking.

We can choose to be born again, or to live in the past. Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” He was instructing us to stay in the nowness of Spirit and be in the flow of Love.  The invitation is there for us to accept – it never fades and that’s the Grace of God for sure!

I feel so uplifted from our recent Living A Course in Miracles series of 11 free classes. I got to share so much about the expansion into Wisdom that’s unfolding for all of us. Sharing is so sweet! – the replays, downloads and transcripts are all free and available to listen to right now.  I’ve had so many emails from people telling me that they are really shifting their thinking and feeling so inspired and uplifted! YES!  Perfect for a long holiday weekend!

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