July 30, 2017

One heart, one mind, one life, one Love - each one unique - no need for specialness.

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One of the ways in which the ego thought system can really grab our attention is the impulse to show off and be clever.  It’s that quest for specialness.  I know a lot about that. I used to look for ways to let everybody know how clever I was in order to get appreciation and recognition.

Why was other people’s recognition so important to me?  Because I felt that I wasn’t quite enough.  I believed something was wrong with me so I looked for various kinds of validation to try to shore up my self-esteem.

Some people go in a different direction that seems to be the opposite, but is actually much the same, only different.  Some people seem to be very attracted to expressing a negative specialness.  And guess what? I can TOTALLY relate to that, too!

For a long time, I really believed that I was especially bad, wrong, different.  It wasn’t true, but it felt true and as long as I believed it, I experienced it.

As I continued to deepen my spiritual practice, the ego habits and beliefs – all forms of attachments, began to show themselves for what they were:  misery making and completely optional, totally unnecessary.  I’m so grateful that I realized anytime I feed the ego, it makes me feel less alive, less enthusiastic, less fulfilled, and less prosperous. I choose Love instead.

I can’t tell you how much happier I am without seeking other people’s validation.  Life is so much easier without a need for other people’s approval.  I’ve learned to validate myself by recognizing my divinity.  My divinity so completely stands out above any personal accomplishments or characteristics.  What a blessing it is to really know that.  The feeling of lack has faded away.  Peace reveals itself.

Now, I enjoy supporting other people in shining, like I’ve done on my radio show and in all of the many Living A Course in Miracles classes.  It’s been so much fun to support these beautiful people in sharing their gifts and talents with us. It lifts my heart AND it brings benefit to thousands of people from around the world.

This shift is from seeking to be clever to being the clear heart of Love that is my true nature.

Where in your life are you seeking to be clever? Look for it and see if you can let that need to be recognized be healed. When you love and appreciate yourself, you won’t need to get the affirmation from the outside. Instead, you can appreciate others, remembering that you’re One with them. And when one shines, all are lifted.

Make the shift and give others a lift!

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