July 15, 2017

We’re developing inner strength and muscle.

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We live in an ever-changing world.  The impermanent nature of everything on planet earth is part of why we chose this experience.  It’s a bit like my shape-up workout shoes.  They have a rounded bottom to them and they make it less stable for me to walk, which makes me use my core more and that strengthens me.  We can decide to use the life’s weather and weirdness to help us to become stronger.  We can be like the trees, which receive great benefit from having the wind and elements challenging them to grow stronger and more resilient to even the harshest weather.

Years ago, I set the intention to become unbotherable. I felt ready. It was such a great decision.

I used to torture myself and everyone around me by getting upset and venting. It was a giant waste of energy and it really created so much negative backwash in my life. I didn’t realize it at that the time.

I used to think that getting upset was my power. I’m so glad I’ve learned that Love is the ONLY power that there is.

Now, I get such strength from practicing being harmonious regardless of what’s going on.

This practice of unbotherability is not about denying how you feel, it’s about placing a much higher value on Love and Harmony than on any emotional expression.

When you’re willing, you can begin to practice the discipline of being harmonious. It requires the willingness to be compassionate.

You’ll realize that your emotions are the by-product of your INTERPRETATION of what’s going on.  You’re only upset for the meaning you made of it.

Your interpretation is really your opinion.
Like the weather, opinions are always changing.
Why value what is ever-changing, when you can value what is never-changing?
LOVE is constant.
Love is clear.

Love is never grasping and the active practice of Love is compassion, which leads to Harmony, which leads to self-esteem and Abundance.

At some point, Harmony becomes so valuable that no opinion is worth giving it up for. You can decide if today’s that day or not.  You can choose to be unbotherable.  Wouldn’t you really rather be unbotherable?  Wouldn’t you rather live with an open heart?  We’re doing it together!

Forgiveness is a big part of being able to be unbotherable.  Forgiving the debtors and the trespassers opens up the flow of Love in your life.  It’s not just a matter of willingness, it helps to know HOW to forgive.  You can get my free “How to Get Over It” forgiveness workshop on the homepage of JenniferHadley.com – it’s a great way to start releasing the blocks and opening up the flow of Abundance – won’t you please share with someone now and open the flow for yourself?

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