August 5, 2017

We’re in the flow of divine inspiration!

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In case you don’t know, it was the brilliant Joseph Campbell who first coined the phrase “follow your bliss.”  Bliss is a strong and fun word and it’s for that reason that this phrase became so inspiring to so many.  In my experience, when I follow my passion (my bliss), I am supported.  Spirit doesn’t know how to fail and when I follow my intuition, I feel successful!

Recently I saw a bumper sticker that said “don’t follow me, I’m following my bliss.”  I thought that was so interesting.  From my perspective, I’d like everyone to “follow” me, BECAUSE I’m following my passion and my guidance.  I’d like to join with others who are inspired to share the path with me.  I don’t need them to follow me, I prefer to walk together and share.

If you feel afraid to follow your passion because you fear failure, then please know this:  if you’re making choices because you feel inspired, you’ll succeed.

A key to success is to not NEED anyone’s validation or approval.

A key to success is to share what you’re passionate about without any kind of judgment that other people need it or SHOULD have it.

A key to success is that you’d do it anyway, even if no one paid you.

For many years I did workshops for small groups of people.  I did counseling sessions for love offerings and donations.  I still give away many classes and other things completely for free.  I LOVE when Spirit gives me a new idea of things to share and give away for free.

Following your passion, and your bliss is so inspiring, and fulfilling, and we can all find a way to say YES to that journey.  We can start where we are.

If there’s a passion that’s calling you and you’ve been avoiding it because you feel it’s too complex or demanding, be willing to let Spirit guide you and ALLOW it to unfold.

We don’t have to figure out how, we can learn to ALLOW.  When we’re willing to allow, Spirit tells us how.  When we allow, inspiration flows!  Go for it!

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