Eliminating Lack and Limitation

August 30, 2017

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It might not seem like it’s a direct connect to building healthy Self-esteem, but having compassion was key to my having a truly healthy sense of my Self-worth.

For a long time I thought I could lift myself up by tearing others down.  I lived in a world where “the best defense was a good offense” and I felt so insecure I worked both sides of that equation.  I was both defensive and on the offense ALL of the time.

It took me until I was about 36 years old to realize that while I had a lot of confidence, I was still deeply insecure.  I didn’t realize that the reason was that I was so lacking in compassion.

In my radio show this week on God’s Will for Us, I was sharing what we had talked about in Masterful Living this week about generosity.

For me, generosity is being kind and caring.  Generosity is extending Love and compassion.  It’s taking time to be helpful to someone else.  It’s being patient rather than impatient.  It’s being able to stay loving even when someone else is attacking you – that’s generosity of heart.

It’s generosity of spirit to be able to be kind when people are argumentative, aggressive, irritable and attacking.  Being generous of Spirit takes a real commitment to being truly helpful in this world.  Sometimes it takes a great willingness.

It’s kindness to yourself and to others to forgive those who won’t forgive you.  It’s generosity of heart to release the judgment you have against the judgers who would judge you.  We pray for those who would attack us so that all can be lifted out of the muck and mire of false beliefs.

The one who won’t forgive, and holds a grudge is trapped and suffering, extending compassion, and holding in your mind a vision of their rising above their hurt into the Light of Love is a tremendous act of generosity that brings benefit to all.

When we hate the racist, we join them in the mud.  Most people who are racists have been raised by racists who were raised by racists too.  The way to heal it is to have compassion.

Being generous, I feel better about myself, and then I have even more to share and my experience of Prosperity increases.  When we take the limits off of our mind, the Abundance flows.

I have found that my willingness to be generously compassionate, patient, kind and loving has had the benefit of not only increasing my healthy Self-esteem, it has had the effect of eliminating my sense of lack and limitation.  WOW!!

Are you ready to really do this?
You can put an end to the limits in your mind and in your life.
You can feel good about yourself all of the time.

There are so many benefits to following in the footsteps of the Dalai Lama who says, “kindness is my religion.”

Now is the time for us to make this turn in our heart and dedicate ourselves to being truly helpful.  I’m so glad we’re doing it together!

This is the third of a series on Building Healthy Self-Esteem.  You can start with part one by clicking here.  In the second part I shared about healing the shame I felt.

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