August 1, 2017

Our spiritual practice assists us with accessing direct knowing so we don’t have to learn from mistakes anymore.

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There’s much that we can learn about learning.  I’ve taken classes on learning how to learn how to learn.  I kid you not.  And I loved them!

What most appeals to me, and what I was sharing about in my Masterful Living Course last night, is that we can really train ourselves to learn through Joy rather than through pain.  We can learn that there is that within us that already knows.

There is a Knower who knows, the Higher Holy Spirit Self, the mighty I AM that I AM, that is our Guardian Angel, that is our true self – and we can be in a beautiful, powerful, deeply fulfilling relationship with that Higher Self.  Instead of learning through experience, we can have direct knowing through the connection, the RELATIONSHIP we share with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

Most of us have repeating experiences of learning through contrast.  How many times did I repeated the experience of being defensive and feeling attacked before I finally was willing to accept that the all attack starts with a judgment and all judgments are false and therefore there’s nothing to defend against?

Think about this:  If someone kept complaining that I was too tall to be lovable, I wouldn’t be upset by that.  I wouldn’t be bothered not just because I’m 5’3”, which isn’t tall at all by most people’s standards, and I wouldn’t be bothered just because I have no belief that my height, or anyone else’s, makes them more or less lovable, I wouldn’t be bothered by that comment because I KNOW absolutely that it’s false.

Why would allow myself to be bothered by something that’s false?

If someone told me that I am not good enough because my eyes are green and only blue eyed people are lovable, I wouldn’t be offended, hurt, worried. or afraid because I KNOW it’s not true.

If someone told me that I can never be a successful minister because I’m a woman, I wouldn’t be bothered because I KNOW it’s not true.

Yet, if we look at the things that bother us, how many of the things that actually irritate, worry, or frustrate us are all predicated on beliefs that are completely false?

Why would we do this?  Why would we choose to be upset by things that aren’t true?

We learn through contrast.  We repeat and repeat and repeat the same lessons again and again because we’re still, on some level, not ready to give up those beliefs.  We create a million variations of learning to learn through the contrast of feeling happy and feeling pain.  It appears to be our favorite way of learning.

One of the reasons why I offer my classes such as  Masterful Living Course and my Finding Freedom Course is so that we can break the habit of learning through experiences of contrast and truly learn how to remember what we already know and can access through the one mind.

It’s great to learn from our “mistakes,” and it’s even more wonderful to access direct knowing.

Now is the time for us to be masterful and access direct knowing and give up investing our precious time, energy and money in repeating the lessons.  We can speed the whole process up by having a relationship with the knower who knows.  Now’s the perfect time to go for it!

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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