Too Blessed to Be Stressed!

August 19, 2017

Let’s celebrate all our blessings and magnify the good in life!

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Yesterday, I was flying from Phoenix to Maine, but only made it as far as Philadelphia.  First, my 7:30 a.m. flight was delayed until 11 a m.  I had to rebook my connecting flight from Philly to Portland.

Then, we sat on the tarmac a long time before takeoff.  Once we landed in Philadelphia, we sat on the tarmac again for a long time because everything was grounded due to the lighting and rainstorm happening all around us.

When I finally got off the plane, I found out that my flight to Maine, would have been long gone had it not been delayed.

There were no seats on the later flight and fortunately, because American Airlines had me delayed all day long, they put me up in a Hilton Hotel by the airport.  So glad it’s more upscale and nicer than some hotels I’ve been in.

It was a long day.  I got a lot done on my phone and laptop.  And, I was never really bothered by any of it.  I felt harmonious and peaceful the entire day – which started with the redcap at the airport accidentally charging me an extra $160 for my bags, and then telling me I’d have to call American Airlines for my refund.

It was a day of mishaps and yet, I felt so grateful at the end of the day because none of it really mattered and I’ll get there in the end.  I got to bless and be a blessing all day long.  I had an empty seat next to me.  I had the good sense to call American Airlines rather than wait in the light that had about 150 people in it.  I walked down to the ticket counter to ask about the hotel, rather than wait in a different line, and there was no one in line ahead of me when I got there!

And I’m grateful that my flight today is early, but not too early.

While certain things didn’t go as I had planned, there was a plan that God had.  Sometimes, I think these things happen just so I can see how unbotherable I am and where I still have attachments.

I feel way too blessed to be stressed.  All of life is blessing me and I wish to travel through my days being a blessing and receiving the blessings.  Blessings abound and I’d like to receive them all!

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