August 13, 2017

Why tune out when we can Tune-UP!

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For a lot of folks, there’s the idea of taking a lot of “down time” in the summer.  I get that.  What about holding in your mind, instead of “down time,” we’re going for, “UP! time”?

Many of us are actively focused on our  spiritual practice.  After all, we’re awakening and enlightening. Who really wants “down time” from their spiritual expansion?

It’s so important to examine how we think of things.

Consider, when you’re feeling drawn to “tuning out,” and consider if you wouldn’t really be happier “tuning in.”  When we’re wishing to disconnect from the world, instead of zoning out with alcohol, television, or some sort of self-medication, we can pay attention to what’s really going on.  When we wish to disconnect from the world, maybe what is really going on is that we’re being called to connect with Spirit.  That’s the thing that truly refreshes.  Zoning out isn’t refreshing or restoring.  It’s just a diversion.

We can take time off from work, and instead, we can focus on simple spiritual practices of being kind, loving, and generous. We can do that at the beach, cleaning out the garage, at a barbecue – anywhere!

Instead of tuning out, let’s tune-UP.  I like the sound of UP! time. I’m interested in that. I’m looking UP! How about you?

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