Cure for Worrying

September 25, 2017

I am so grateful that God IS!

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The worried mind has invested in the idea that something other than God is happening and it’s working against them.

The worried mind looks to gather the evidence to support the theory that there is another power that’s more powerful than the Divine.

The worried mind manages and copes with the problem. The worried mind pours gasoline on the fire and then complains about the heat.

What is the cure for the worried mind? Be grateful. Count your blessings. Gratitude is so simple and so effective it is nothing short of miraculous!
It’s crazy to think that we can be worrying and available for our good at the same time.

Gratitude changes the mental channel.  When I’m grateful, my vibration is immediately lifted. Gratitude lifts my point of view, and now, I can see more clearly.

When I’m grateful, I can hear and sense and know Divine Insight and Wisdom because I’m more open to knowing the truth than I am to justifying a worried stance in lack and limitation.

A Course in Miracles reminds us to be grateful in order to bring a mind healing:

“I do not need gratitude, but you need to develop your weakened ability to be grateful, or
you cannot appreciate God.  He does not need your appreciation, but you do.  You cannot love
what you do not appreciate, for fear makes appreciation impossible.  When you are afraid of what
you are you do not appreciate it, and will therefore reject it.  As a result, you will teach rejection.” T-6.I.17.

Let’s have an active practice of being grateful that God IS, and that we’re never alone.

Let’s be grateful for everything just as it is so that we can find the blessings that are already ours.  Lift your vibration.  Raise your gaze!  Bring on YOUR miracles!  They are encoded into your very being!  Activate your blessings by being grateful – then receive the blessing that is yours to receive.

Try it to know that it works and then give up worry and complaining and rejoice that there IS a better way!

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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