High Watch

September 9, 2017
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We hold the vision of Peace on the water and in the air.

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Like many people, I woke up yesterday morning with an alert on my phone that an 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City.  Like a lot of people, my first thought was, “What’s happening?  Disasters are breaking out all over.”

Things have been very intense for the past year, on many levels, and it seems to be intensifying.  This is why it’s so important for us to keep Peace in our minds and hold the high watch, a Divine Vision of Peace & Harmony.

I’m holding the high watch for loved ones in Florida as hurricane Irma is getting closer.  I have friends there, and my father and step mom are there, riding the storm out.

It’s a difficult situation.  Many Florida residents, like my dad, are elderly.  My dad is 80 now.  I can understand that for folks at that age, setting off to evacuate, in a long arduous caravan of cars for hundreds of miles and waiting in gas lines for hours, et cetera, would be more taxing than staying and going through the storm.  It’s not an easy situation.

For many years, I’ve trained myself not to worry.  Worry is the negative use of my imagination.  My mind is the Mind of God, and if I hold a worried, fearful and negative thought in my mind, I’m giving it my power and I don’t wish to do that anymore.  I choose to hold the high watch of loving thoughts.

So, while I do wish my folks had evacuated, they chose not to; and so now, it’s my job to know that all is well where they are and that everything that transpires if for the highest good of all.

I know that all who are affected by these multiple disasters, all over the world, are blessed by their experiences.  I hold firmly in my mind that all are blessed.

I may not understand how everything works together for the good of all, many times, it seems impossible to understand from our point of view, unable to see through all of time and space.

I do know Divine Grace is at work in all moments.

I absolutely know that the angels guide and protect us all of the time and when we ask for assistance we receive it, although it may not be in the way we think is best.

I have faith that we are profoundly loved by all of life, even by a hurricane, a flood, a fire, or an earthquake.  I open my mind to see beyond time and space and to see the blessings in each moment.

I once was very blessed, for a precious few minutes, to have the great gift of seeing beyond time and space into the eternal.  In those minutes, I knew completely and most assuredly that everything is perfect, and everything is beautiful and all is Love, all is loved.  It was so clear to me and so real to me, it changed me.  It only lasted for a few minutes, but it was crystal clear.

We’re training our minds only to choose the loving thoughts and to let all worry go.  We’re doing it.  It’s happening now.

We bless all beings on this sweet earth and know that all are loved equally and fully by our Creator.  Life loves us.  We keep our attention on that which we desire to know and to see and we let all worry fade into the nothingness from which it arose.

We hold the high watch. We pray for those who appear to be in harm’s way to be protected and blessed.  We pray for those who are suffering to be at Peace now.   We hold the perfect vision of Love in our hearts and in our minds.  We know that all are blessed, always.

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