Invest in Multiplying the Good!

September 2, 2017
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Nature shows us true Abundance!

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I’ve written the last few days of Spiritual Espresso on the topic of punishment.  The first one in this series, You Are Not Punished was about people who are suffering begin to mistakenly believe that God is punishing them.

I feel it’s extremely valuable for us to look into this concept of punishment as well as its application.  I have been an aggressive grudge holder who could be very punishing and I’ve learned a lot about how to ruin my life through punishment.  I don’t recommend it.

Instead, I recommend that we look deeply into the matter with the strong intention to rid the world of the belief in the value of punishment.  I mean that quite seriously.  Let’s aspire to take all humanity higher.

The energy that it takes to inflict punishment towards the Self or someone else is tremendous.  It requires a full denial of the Spirit.  And it produces an energetic hangover that is also a big energy drain to recover from.

I invite you to consider how much of the energy that you have to live a great life, have spiritual success, career momentum and Creativity, to be in intimate, healing and fulfilling relationships, to be joyful and have fun, you might be investing in punishing yourself or other people for a variety of reasons.  Wouldn’t you really rather be able to invest that energy in something you’d enjoy?

Wouldn’t you really rather take your investment out of a losing proposition and invest it in one that brings Abundance and Prosperity, multiplying the good?

It can seem SO difficult to break an entrenched pattern, but not to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.  To Spirit, it’s a piece of cake, because the pattern is false and nothing true supports it, therefore it’s nothing with no power.  God is the only power and when we invest our awareness and attention, our heart and our belief in it, then it appears to be something.  There’s only one power and that’s Love.  When we, who are Love, invest in something false, it appears to be real because we’re given it our power.

Let’s take our power back from punishing and invest it in praising, loving, and being generous of heart.  We can do this.  How do I know we can do it?  Because we’re designed for it.  This is what we’re intended for.  Of course, we can do what we’re designed for.

Let’s decide today is the day we withdraw the invest of time, energy and attention in valuing punishment and re-invest all of it in loving instead.  We can be spiritual heroes.  Today’s the day to have it our way!

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