Listening With Love

September 14, 2017

Listening for the Love

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As a seeker of truth, I am constantly listening to my own thoughts.  Throughout my days, I am frequently examining my choices and my motivations.  I’m holding my thoughts and my actions up to the Light, and looking for the old B.S. (Belief System).

Over the years of cultivating a practice of deep listening, I came to recognize how valuable my intention is.  If I hold an intention to be loving, then, I’m in a field of Love that’s potent.  It’s powerful.  It’s an active field of grace.  If I have no intention – it’s like opening yourself up to all manner of unwished-for possibilities.

Plus, I noticed that people felt my intention more than they heard my words or observed my actions.  My intentions are worth the energy it takes to be clear about them.

Every time I tried to camouflage my unloving intention with loving words, I was found out.  I could see it in the eyes of the person I was speaking with.  I could literally feel it in their energy.  They knew what I was doing even if they didn’t call me out for it.

Back then, I wasn’t always kind.  I’ve profoundly transformed my entire life by simply being willing to learn to be kind, patient, and compassionate with MYSELF.  And that’s taught me to be compassionate with others.

I learned how to listen deeply as a spiritual counselor.  I began to apply my deep listening skills to my own thoughts.  I noticed I was frequently being critical of myself for not being more loving.  And, of course, I also saw that in being self-critical about not being more loving, I was being even more unloving.  Ugh!

I could run, but I couldn’t hide. This is how I learned that the judger always feels judged, and the lover always feels loved.  I learned it the hard way – through painful experiences.  Now, I rejoice that I can learn more and more through simply remembering the truth that sets me free.

“We have what we seek.  It is there all the time, and if we give it time it will make itself known to us,” says Thomas Merton.  Seek and ye shall find.  Listen with ears to hear and you will hear.

Today, I take a deep breath and remember that my practice of deep listening is about being aware:  incredibly, wonderfully, lovingly aware.  It’s not about being critical.  It’s about being awake – without judgment.

I am listening to remember the truth and hold that awareness of truth for myself and others.  My strong intention to hear clearly means that judgments have no place in my listening process.  I can be discerning without judgment.

What’s the difference between discernment and judgment?  Love.  My loving intention has a force far greater than my words or my actions.  How do I maintain a loving intention?  Practice.  Surrender.

I listen with Love, and  Peace begins with me.

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