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Intending to be masterful through having a loving heart [1] has challenged me to do things that I have thought I couldn’t do, and things that I didn’t seem to wish to do. For a long time, I was continuously challenged to find the courage [2] to do the things that I had been unwilling to do in the past. I am breaking with precedent and creating the habit of having a strong, loving heart. That is the essence of courage.

It takes so much courage to love when you’ve been in the habit of attacking or running away.  I can remember how strongly pulled I was to fight and be right or simply run.

Because my personality was such a grudge holder, one thing that continuously challenged me was to forgive the judgments against people, (including my Self), that I’d held. My teacher and constant guide has been Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

With his life and his words, King taught me that those who have been unkind to me will often cycle back into my life to ask for something. When they return, I can open my heart and be my true Self, or I can affirm my errors [3] of the past. Where I used to hate these opportunities, now, I welcome them. Thank you, Spirit, for the opportunity to choose again!

Eleanor Roosevelt has urged, “You must do the things that you think you cannot do.” Courage is not an absence of fear, it is moving forward from the heart instead of the fear generated by the mind’s mis-interpretations.

Like my spiritual teachers before me, today, I light the fire of Love and compassion in my own heart. I cultivate the courage to be masterful and live a loving life dedicated to non-judgment and true forgiveness. I cultivate the strong heart of Love within.

Today, I set my intention to move the world in the direction of Peace [4] through my loving choice [5] and action. I AM willing to be courageous! And that’s what makes it a great day!

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