October 29, 2017

We allow ourselves to be authentic and loving.

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One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was to stop fantasizing about what could happen or what should happen, and instead, I began to focus on being the best me I could be right where I was.

Until I was about 44 years old, I thought that validation would come from the world. I thought that my success IN the world would validate me, and finally, make me feel fulfilled.

It was such a big shift to let that go and simply start to, “bloom where I was planted.” I made the big shift from trying to get validation and success and money and anything else from this world. I made the real decision to break the habit of looking outside myself.

The shift didn’t happen magically over night – although, it certainly COULD happen miraculously overnight. For me, it’s been a journey that continues every day. Breaking those habits of giving to get, needing, wanting and craving is the work that is REALLY worth doing. It’s the work of liberation!

I decided to simply start offering – offering from my heart, whatever I had to share – inspiration that lit me up – offering prayers – offering kind thoughts and words – smiles, offering tithes and donations. Every offering counts!

I began to live more and more in the flow of Love and the healing began to happen at a miraculous and rapid pace that continues to this day.

It’s a decision. We make a decision and then the Universe rushes in to support us. It’s THE decision.

It’s the decision to be my TRUE Self and trusting that BEING my TRUE Self is the perfect decision. It’s being my authentic self.

Being my authentic self doesn’t mean sharing everything I feel and every thought I have. My authentic self is loving, kind, generous, and patient. Being authentic is revealing my Spirit Self.

That decision to be true to your Self IS seeking the Kingdom first.
That’s what causes the Light to finally be revealed.
The Light is the cause of the blooming.
We can all bloom right now, where we are and it IS the perfect time and the perfect place to make a decision to be true to your Spirit Self.

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