Forgive to Be Free

October 7, 2017

Freedom is a state of mind that’s Beautiful!

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I’m getting ready for my Forgive & Be Free Retreat next weekend and forgiveness is on my mind.  I also am so aware that one of the dear friends in my life is someone who did something hurtful and disrespectful to another friend of mine.  At first, when I found out what had been done to my friend, I had resentment and I felt that it was my duty to hold a grudge about it.

For a long time, I’ve felt that people can say what they like about me, but they can’t talk trash about the people I love without me holding it against them.

I feel like I come from a culture of grudge holders and my ego has long held that it’s not okay to forgive people.  In fact, I have someone in my life that I love who believes that forgiveness isn’t a good thing.

What I can tell you that I’ve learned is that I feel more myself when my heart is open.

I feel more joyful, which IS my natural state, when I’ve let my grievances go.

True forgiveness is releasing our interpretation – it’s not saying that it’s okay to attack people.

My friend who attacked my other friend has apologized, but even if they hadn’t, I could still release the judgment.  I can love them fully even if we don’t agree. That’s the Freedom in my mind that makes me feel more my TRUE Self.

I am deeply grateful for my shifting awareness and my journey to Freedom.  I am so grateful that my life feels lighter and more open hearted all the time.  I see the benefits unfolding every day.  It gives me something to share that’s valuable.

Most importantly: I love my life now!

When I held grievances, I felt right and righteous, but I definitely didn’t love my life.

Would you be willing to release your grudges if you knew it meant that you could love your life?

If you’d like my support – come on retreat with me next weekend!  Let’s do it together!

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