Just Say Yes!

October 21, 2017

Guidance leads us on a path of Beauty.

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Today is the last day of our Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive and I am so grateful that I said yes to following my guidance.  I am so grateful that even though, when I first decided to start offering counseling training, I didn’t know how it would unfold, I did it anyway because I felt guided.

It used to be that following my guidance took a lot of courage, because I had to trust that I could listen and follow well enough to not let anyone down.  Now, that’s not a concern anymore.

I’ve learned to trust that all will go well and my trust is now a faith and a knowing that all will go well even if it doesn’t go the way I thought it would go.  If it doesn’t go the way I thought it would go, it’s because our good is in a different direction than I initially thought, and that’s okay.

Sometimes, we would say, ‘no,’ if we knew where Spirit was leading us and so God gives us a bait and switch.  We think that we’re going to do something for one reason and then it turns out that we’ve been sent to do a totally different thing.  If we’re attached to our original plan then there’s a problem, but if we’re willing to go with the flow, we discover new expansion, miracles, and breakthroughs.

Saying, “Yes,” to Spirit takes courage when we don’t have faith.

Practicing saying, “Yes,” builds our trust and uncovers our faith.

With faith, all things are possible.

What have you been resisting because you don’t trust?

Would you be willing to say, “Yes,” now and let the trust appear?

We learn to say, “Yes,” and to allow and then Spirit shows us how.

Listening to people share over the last few days, and share how much they love the Spiritual Counseling Intensive and how much healing they’ve had and even that they wish they could stay longer and keep going, one week is not enough, that just fills my heart because it reaffirms the benefits of saying, “Yes,” even when you have no clue HOW it could ever unfold.

Spirit knows the way and we’ll find it when we’re truly willing!

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