Lessons of the Holy Spirit

October 3, 2017

The miracles are being revealed in our minds!

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One of the most helpful parts of A Course in Miracles is the lessons of the Holy Spirit and I’m finally going to share about that section today on my radio show.

While ACIM is so cryptic for so many, it really does have the BEST daily advice for us in letting go of pain and suffering.  We’re designed to experience miracles and to live a miraculous life.  I’d like to help everyone, including myself, to live a more miraculous life and to feel the power of Spirit in our day to day experience.  So much is possible for us.

Tomorrow is the start of my last Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp of the year – and I’m just thrilled with some of the extra support I’m going to be offering to bring on your breakthrough.

It’s hard to believe that your willingness is all that’s required until you actually prove it.  The lessons of the Holy Spirit are so helpful – let’s all get on board and ride these lessons of Love all the way home!

Today, I choose the miracle in my mind!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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