Living A Legacy of Love

October 9, 2017
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Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa were three of the most influential people in the 20th century. They were influential not simply for their eloquence and their ideas, but for their actions. Each of them left behind the example of the choices that they made in every day of their life.

The people we admire most choose love over fear. They chose faith over despair. They chose to demonstrate rather than just percolate. The example they set by their loving and courageous choices is what influences billions of people.

Journalist Jane Pauley has said, “Kids learn more from example than anything you say. I’m convinced they learn very early not to hear anything you say, but watch what you do.”

I know this: everyone I meet in my life, everyone, is watching my example whether they realize it or not. My family, my friends, and even those whom I have not noticed, all are influenced by my example. When I react with patience in a frustrating situation, people around me take notice. When I have no patience, they notice. Love and fear are always noticed.

Let’s decide to leave a legacy of loving choices.  Let’s lead by examples of compassion and willingness.  Let’s choose patience, kindness and generosity every opportunity we can!

Today I set a loving example and behave as the person I aspire to be. Today I set the example of a person who takes action in ways that are consistently loving.  In this way, I move the world in a direction of Peace and that makes a profound difference to us all.

I AM grateful that I can contribute in ways that are truly helpful.  Even my simple thoughts of gratitude are a benefit to all!

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