Never Too Late

October 6, 2017

The ocean and sky reflect each other, always changing and reminding us of the changeable nature of this world. We change our minds today and open to the Unity of all Life!

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For the longest time, I thought others were to blame for my unhappiness.  When I wasn’t blaming others, I was thinking that it was because there was something wrong with me.

Through diligent effort and with great willingness, I’ve discovered that the only problem I had was that I was willing to put my opinions in between me and Spirit, and between me and my fellow beings.  The more I clear the way, the more I am clear that there really is no problem at all – only a belief in a problem.

Next time you feel upset, and you know it’s because of some opinion you have that you feel you just have to hold onto, consider this:  Our opinions ALWAYS block the flow of good in our life.

We can trick ourselves into believing that we can hold a block to Love in our mind and it’s not really going to make much difference, but I’ve had it proven to me, time and again, that this belief is completely false.

I’m so much happier, and have so much more Freedom not because circumstances have changed in my life, but because I’m not blocking the flow of the All-Good in my mind.

I’m more prosperous, not because of circumstances changing around me, but because I’m more receptive to the All-Good because I am aware that I am worthy and all are worthy.  I am willing and grateful to receive from many. I am open to others helping me, teaching me, sharing with me, and going with me.

Next time someone really bothers you, ask yourself, “Am I actually willing to block the flow of healing, Wholeness, Prosperity, Love, Beauty, Prosperity, Harmony, and JOY in my life in order to hold onto this resentment?”

If you are, sit yourself down and give yourself a hug until you change your mind.  Invite the Higher Holy Spirit Self into your mind so you can carry a different tune, a higher vibration.  If you’re willing, Spirit will work through you.  Because there’s only one mind, and one life – all boats rise with our loving heart!

Spirit moves through the open door of your heart.  Spirit pauses and patiently waits at the closed door.  You choose how you will experience this day.  If your heart has been closed all day and now you’re brushing you’re teeth before bed – it’s the perfect time to open to Spirit and go higher before you retire.

In a world where time and space are an illusion, it’s never too late to change your mind.  Only the ego needs to cling to the decisions of the past.

My ability to change my mind and change my tune is a strength.  The more I relinquish the false beliefs and am willing to see myself and others in perfect Wholeness the more Beauty, Love, Prosperity, Joy, and Freedom I feel.  Having proven it to myself, I’m inspired to go all the way to ascension, awakening, and enlightenment.  Let’s go together!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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