Releasing Attachments Today

October 25, 2017

We’re walking the path of Peace together!

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Yesterday, in Masterful Living, we were talking about letting go of attachments because we know that attachments keep us from living the life we truly desire.

Buddha taught us that all attachments cause suffering without exception.  We are done with suffering.   Although, we all remember when we thought that we had to manage and cope with suffering, we’ve come to recognize that suffering is optional.  Suffering is a choice.  And it’s not a choice we wish to make anymore.

The shift to an ever-increasing life of Peace comes through our consistent willingness to recognize the opportunity to give an attachment to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing.  That’s what I call, “Giving the Holy Spirit the heavy lifting.”

I find that it’s extraordinary how much healing we can experience when we’re willing to pay attention to when we feel the hook of an attachment.  Attachments are really noticeable in the form of irritations, frustrations and upsets.  These spikes of emotion are an indicator that we have some attachment that is coming up for healing.

It’s astounding to me how much my life has changed through the release of attachments.  Incidents that used to really bother me don’t happen at all anymore.  Upsets that would drag me off track and take a lot of time and energy, leaving me feeling depleted, stupid, wrong, and bad don’t even happen anymore.

How cool is that????

I feel so grateful that I can increase my sense of expansion and connection with Spirit EVERY SINGLE DAY by releasing the attachments that come up for healing every day.  Instead of cursing them and feeling that I’m stuck in some kind of Groundhog Day, repeating the same old annoyances and difficulties, I have come to realize that each challenge is an opportunity to improve my life.  I love that!

Now is the time for us to get with the spiritual program of Love and Light that is calling us to a life of Peace and Joy!  I’m so glad we’re doing it together!

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