Special Love Relationship

October 17, 2017
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Holy relationship is heaven on earth.

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The “special” relationship offers the ego the promise of safe haven and relief from suffering; and yet, its chief delivery is the opportunity to learn through pain.  A Course in Miracles leads us out of the pain of the unholy relationship into the Heaven of the holy relationship.

What I’ve learned about relationship  has shown me that one holy relationship is worth a thousand special relationships.  What’s amazing and beautiful is that all relationships can be made holy.

We don’t know HOW it happens, our job is to call it forth and ALLOW it to happen.  We can know that the Higher Holy Spirit Self is in-charge of it.

The ego is endlessly tempted to manage it, but that doesn’t work and we know it.  Let’s allow our relationships to be made holy and rejoice in the healing that’s happening!

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