Turning Pain Into Gain

October 5, 2017

Together we’re turning things around!

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I used to get so triggered when I was traveling because I felt so vulnerable.  I became much more critical and irritable when I was traveling.  It would bring up all the ego defenses. Then what happens?  I pray to release all attachments.  So then, of course, Spirit has me on the road for years, traveling without a home.  Hmmmm.

I still feel challenges come up, but it’s a whole different experience because I know that things are coming up for me to address them with loving attention so I can have a healing.  In truth, I am grateful for anything that brings up hidden beliefs of lack and limitation.

If you’re EVER feeling really triggered, it doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with you. It means that it’s an opportunity for you to have a MAJOR breakthrough!

Let’s get those false beliefs up and out, I say!  I give them  UP to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing.  We can heal the triggers permanently if we’re willing. It works! Practice, practice, practice.  It’s how we turn the pain of the past into the healing of the present.  We turn the pain into gain!

Are you willing to get really focused with bringing on your breakthrough?
Then, be grateful for your triggers and Partner UP!
Give the heavy lifting to the Holy Spirit!
Back away from trying to manage and cope – choose to surrender instead.

It’s a deep practice! That’s why it helps to pray often and to have Prayer Partners and support systems so you don’t fall off the track and into the muck and mire of opinions and judgments, complaints and criticisms.

So that we remember our true nature and our ultimate goal – that’s why I offer this prayer every day.  We are in that Divine Partnership and we are actively choosing our healing! Now! Today’s the day for our healing! Thank you, God!

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