Family Freak Out

November 8, 2017

Being in right relationship feels SO GOOD!

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Why does our family always seem to push our buttons?
Because they installed them.

That’s the joke. It’s funny, and I can laugh about it, but it’s not actually true. I’m the one that installed every button. Every single one.

As I’ve been preparing for my class on Relationship Healing & Harmony, I’ve been thinking about being with my family for Thanksgiving this year.  And I’m so aware of how much things have changed in my family from how they used to be.

I’ve had some pretty painful Thanksgivings in the past, and I’ve learned from my unloving choices.

I’ve learned that when my buttons are being pushed and I get triggered into feeling upset that this is my answered prayer.

That might seem crazy. How could feeling upset be an answered prayer?

Well, when we’re triggered, or even when an old unpleasant memory comes into our awareness, this is our opportunity to, “choose again,” as it says in A Course in Miracles.

ACIM tells us that whenever we’re in pain, we’re looking with a wrong perspective.  Our mental and emotional pain lets us know that in the past, we made a wrong decision about life, ourselves, Love, family, whatever it is, and the pain is the reminder to choose again. I call the upset, “the Divine alarm clock,” going off to let me know that I have an opportunity for healing.

The thing that I actively did that changed my life so much was I made a decision to transform the upsets into a healing opportunity. I decided to train myself to choose again. I decided to learn to recognize the sound of that Divine alarm clock and not hit the snooze button, but to use it to wake myself up.

For years, I found that the holiday times with my family were when I got triggered most. Old hurts and wounds were coming up for healing. I decided to make the most of my healing opportunities and not let them keep passing me by.

Every upset was my Higher Holy Spirit Self placing in front of me the opportunity to choose again. I could choose to be offended and upset again, or I could choose to have a healing. It was always my choice. I was never a victim. I began to have so much healing and so much RELIEF from upset by being grateful for the upset and choosing my healing.

I was able to share my healing with everyone in my family and everyone in the world. I love that.

Why waste one more minute being annoyed or hurt? Give it up to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing. Don’t allow yourself to get on the pain train anymore. It’s an act of Self-Love to make a new choice.

When the upset comes, say this:

“Higher Holy Spirit Self, please take this upset, this thought, this belief, this opinion or judgment out of my mind. Whatever it is, known or unknown, heal it back to the root source so that I never experience it again. I’m done with the painful past. I’m only interested in being loving now. Please share the benefits of my healing and expansion with everyone. Let all beings who have this upset have a healing now.”

When we’re really more interested in healing than we are in being right, then the healing happens. It just takes that willingness to be loving rather than needing to be right.

Whenever you feel upset, you can be happy instead – take the healing opportunity and share the benefits with everyone!

Think about it: I’m doing my healing for YOU, you can do your healing for ME, and together we can remember we are ONE and ALL pain and suffering will end!

Would you like to feel successful in your relationships, too? Ready to stop and drop the same old patterns of upset? Would you like to remember to Partner UP and stop struggling in your relationships? Are you willing to stop playing small, and live your calling by healing your relationships? Are you willing to deepen your spiritual practice and accelerate your awakening by being a healing presence in your family? It’s easier than you think! Check out my free class I recorded yesterday:

Relationship Harmony & Healing
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Joining with others speeds our sense of healing and strengthens our sense of Unity – that’s part of why I love being a spiritual counselor, and why I love training spiritual counselors and empowering them.  Please consider working with one of the spiritual counselors I’m training – you can book a session on a donation basis – look here:

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