For Your Freedom

November 25, 2017

Freedom is choosing Love in this moment now!

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I used to think that in order to feel free, things had to change in the world.  I believed it was the problems in the world that kept me from being happy, prosperous, and free.  I was so convinced that I was a victim of the world.

Fortunately, I made up my mind to take responsibility for everything in my life, at least in theory, and then things started to get a WHOLE LOT better for me.  I say, “in theory,” because I decided to take 100% responsibility for everything in my life with ZERO blame – yet, I still find ways that I don’t fully take responsibility – and I learn from them.  I course correct.

What I have come to truly love is our human experience.  At times, it’s so beautiful, and other times, it’s repulsive.  Sometimes, it’s confusing, and then at other times, it’s heartbreaking, inspiring, and compelling – it’s a real mix of things every day.

Our Freedom is constant.  We’re always free.  No matter what the circumstances are, the Freedom remains at least a continuous undercurrent of everything.  We don’t FEEL free when our mind is trapped in our perspective.  When we aren’t willing to see beyond our perspective then we feel trapped or imprisoned – the prison is made out of our own thoughts and beliefs.

Fortunately, there’s one who can dissolve the sense of being stuck and trapped – and it’s us, in partnership with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

Let’s lay all the false beliefs, the mental and emotional trash, on the altar.  Let’s give all of it to the Spirit for healing and decide to find the Freedom in our heart and mind once again.

Is there anything you’re not taking responsibility for?
Is there anything you can change your mind about?

Go for it!  Let’s get on with it and bring the Freedom back to our mind – starting NOW!

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