Help Us Shine the Light!

November 9, 2017

We’re shining the Light of Love in our hearts!

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We’ve embarked on a first-ever fundraising campaign to Help Shine the Light.
Our goal is to raise $50,000. to invest in growing the community and helping more people to apply these beautiful principles to their lives.

Here’s my exciting news!!

We have some generous folks who are inspired by our mission and have promised to match ALL contributions up to $25,000. if we can raise the money now.  WOW!
YOUR gift will be matched dollar for dollar if you give NOW.  With your help we can meet our goal of $50,000!  How cool is that?

Here’s the link to use now:

The mission of Power of Love, a non-profit ministry, is to offer a loving community to folks, such as yourself, who yearn to get out of their heads and into their hearts.

Through the ministry’s classes, workshops, professional trainings and retreats, focused on forgiveness, building faith, affirmative prayer, relationship healing, spiritual counseling and compassion, we lead people from the intellectual study of spiritual principles into the moment-by-moment of living these principles and improving the quality of their lives.

We’ve proven that by joining together, having simple tools and practices that work, remembering to laugh and Love, the miracle actually happens.  We open our hearts and minds to Love’s Presence.  We begin to recall that our true identity is Love.  We begin to let Love lead us.

Sometimes, I wish I could tell you specifically about the people I connect with who tell me they were on the verge of killing themselves, but then “something” (Spirit) led them to listen to one of my prayers, or watch a video, or listen to a free class.  And from there, they began to have a Ray of Light, and then they took a class that we were offering at no cost, and then they started listening to the radio show, and then they started studying ACIM and – boom!  Now, they’re helping others.  This happens on a regular basis.

People who were on their own, feeling lost, confused, helpless, hopeless, depressed and ALONE, so alone, found a community of like-minded souls through our many ways of sharing at no cost.

Together, we can definitely improve our ability to offer support, and together, we can reach many more people who never even heard of ACIM.  After all, with what we’ve done so far, we’ve reached people in over 100 countries!
You’re a VITAL and IMPORTANT part of this movement to extend Love to our brothers and sisters, and you can help us provide more support to more people all over the world, so that they, like you, will be inspired to share and to Love.
Here’s what we’re investing in:  Many seek to find a life of Love and happiness, true spiritual connection.  Many invest years of seeking with the intellect, studying and reading, without finding a shift in their heart.  For some, it leads to discouragement and even hopelessness.  Folks can feel the miracle of Love calling them, but they feel unworthy.
Yet, with tangible support from a community of like-minded souls, people transform their lives, their relationships and even their workplaces because they feel inspired to truly live the teachings rather than study them.  Their living demonstration inspires everyone around them to be more kind, loving, and generous.

What will your investment allow us to achieve?

  • We can offer online A Course in Miracles study groups – yes!  We can build this!  Imagine what a difference that will make to people who have NO ONE to talk to about these teachings.
  • We can develop minister and teacher training courses to support more people around the world
  • We can improve the ministry website to help more people get easy access to our materials – we’re giving wonderful tools and classes away – let’s get them to more people!
  • We can share these gifts with more people from around the world in discovering the value of A Course in Miracles, affirmative prayer, spiritual practice, and forgiveness through these offerings.

If you had any thoughts at all about making a tax-deductible contribution this year – now’s the time, so we can receive the entire matching grant!

Would you please consider making a contribution to help us support more people around the world?

Your donation makes it possible to expand Power of Love Ministry to better serve those who have a strong inner calling to be of service too and live a deeper spiritual life. 

We wish to thank you in advance for being a part of this expansion.  Together, we support all who wish to be a healing presence in their life and in their community in order to make the world a more loving place for everyone.  Together, we are:

Creating Capacity to Transform More Lives

All boats rise on this tide of Love!

Thank you!

One more thing – If you see my posts on Facebook, it will really help to get the word out if you comment on them!  Thank you!

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