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November 17, 2017
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One surefire way I know to increase your spiritual success is to make your spiritual practice something you do all day long in every moment of the day.  It’s tempting to tune out and go unconscious – to vegetate or simply unplug.  What are we unplugging from?  God?  Life?  The flow of Love?  The world of insanity?  Let’s be clear about it.

I can remember how excited I felt when I realized that every moment offers a healing opportunity.  I began to consciously choose to look for opportunities to practice patience, kindness, generosity, and stillness.  I began to look for my opportunities to smile at people, to say something kind and complimentary, and it was as if I discovered all these ways to give myself a sweet gift again and again, throughout the day.

I also began to stop myself from being rude, unkind, belligerent, and all the other kinds of attack I had in my bag of tricks.  It felt so good to replace being unkind with being helpful.  I felt so grateful that I could change so many things in my life so quickly!

My many spiritual success helped me to change my mind about myself.
I began to feel more and more worthy of Love and goodness.

I began to feel happier and more lighthearted.
I dropped the weight I felt in my heart.
I discovered the Light that was always there.

I started to have a secret smile.
I knew I was onto something.
I was feeling the Joy of being loving.

Each day affords us so many opportunities.
What’s even better is to have spiritual community and Prayer Partners to share it with.

That’s why I love to bring people together to experience more of our true identity, which is naturally loving and kind!  Spiritual success is ours now, we don’t have to wait!

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In case you missed it – grab my FREE CLASS:  Would you like to feel successful in your relationships, too? Ready to stop and drop the same old patterns of upset? Would you like to remember to Partner UP and stop struggling in your relationships? Are you willing to stop playing small, and live your calling by healing your relationships? Are you willing to deepen your spiritual practice and accelerate your awakening by being a healing presence in your family? It’s easier than you think! Check out my free class – the download is available now!  Relationship Healing & Harmony.

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