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Sometimes, the last person we’re kind to is ourselves. One of the most unkind things I know of is to live in a stew of resentment.

When we’re stewing in resentment, it’s one of the most unkindest things we can do to ourselves. I know. I became a world-class expert at it. It’s so completely not the best use of our life force.

Here are some of the consequences of stewing in resentment:

We can start again whenever we choose. The Self-loving thing to do is to give the Higher Holy Spirit Self the resentments to handle for us. After all, as ACIM teaches us, we don’t know what anything is for – except it’s for helping us to be more loving.

We’re here to be the perfect givers and receivers of Love. It’s Thanksgiving time. NOW is the time for us to step up and do our very best.

I’m inviting you to please do a SELF-forgiveness letter (from my How to Get Over It [2] free workshop) before you go home for the holidays, if you think there’s the slightest chance you could end up spreading your resentment on your loved ones this year.

Don’t let the opportunity for your healing pass you by.

It’s really a matter of SELF-kindness. People ask me all the time, “How can I have more Self-Love?” The answer [3] is to not mistreat ourselves.

Holding onto resentment is like holding onto something that’s biting you and poisoning you. It’s not kind to yourself to do it.

So, then people ask, “HOW do I get rid of the resentment?” It’s about true forgiveness, which is letting go of the meaning we made of it. Our interpretation is what is causing us the pain. We’re doing it to ourselves.

That’s where the Self-forgiveness comes in.

There’s just no benefit at all to stewing in resentment. It’s an old, old self-destructive habit that we’re here to help eliminate. This Thanksgiving, let’s shine the Light of Love and teach only Love, for that is what we ARE!

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