Relationship Hell to Relationship Healing

November 10, 2017

Mikey & I headed to Legoland, Florida to celebrate his 12th birthday! Happy Appearance Day, Mikey!

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One of the MOST distressing thoughts we have in our human experience is the thought of being separated from the people we love – and we often do it to ourselves.

Because people don’t do what we wish and think they should do, we think that someone doesn’t love us, and therefore, we need to walk away from them, cut them out of our life, and end the relationships. Ugh. This kind of thinking causes much distress, and it’s so common.

It’s all part of  the ego theme and pattern of separation from Love showing up in our mind and then in our relationships. If we believe it’s real, we start to see separation and lack all over the place.

Many people ask me about how to know when it’s time to end a relationship. This is something that comes up a lot around the holiday time of year.

I have learned this:

ALL of our relationships are eternal because we are eternal beings.
And, because we’re One with everyone, there’s no way to really end them.

That would only be something that we could experience in our identification with a false, separate self.

Our relationships don’t have an end, and in truth, they don’t have a beginning.

We are One, together, eternally.

Given these basic facts, trying to end a relationship or even worrying about the end of a relationship, isn’t helpful or productive.

Instead, we focus our mental and emotional energy on simply being loving. We give the management of our relationships to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and look for the loving choices. This is what works and heals.

There are times when our relationships seem to ebb. The tide seems to go out. Like they say, “People are in our life for a season or a reason.” Instead of grasping, we can allow the ebb and flow of the appearance and hold in our heart that the ideal is unfolding and making itself known. We can think we know what the ideal is, but if we’re not in Joy, then we don’t know, and we’re imagining something less than perfect.

It’s not so easy to give the Higher Holy Spirit Self control of our relationships when we cling to believing we know how things should be. They may shift and change in ways that the ego does not like at all. And in this, we can have a HUGE healing. All healing is welcome.

I am so grateful I can choose healing.
I am so grateful I can give the heavy lifting of figuring out HOW to make it happen to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.
I’m so grateful I can allow the healing and set myself free!

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