Relationship Resistance

November 13, 2017

With my new Lego boyfriend hanging at Legoland.

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I used to resist my relationship breakthrough opportunities again and again.  I was having my own disappointing “Groundhog Day” experience and it wasn’t funny at all.  It was intensely discouraging for me!

I’d feel paralyzed to make the change I knew I had to make to have a breakthrough.  I’d let so many healing opportunities pass right on by.  Now, I’m grateful for my painful past experiences, because I learned *so much about what it feels like to be stuck on an UNmerry-go-round of my own making.

What I recall now is how I would repeat the same painful experiences and then be mad at myself for not having the ability to see the opportunity to do something different.  The meaning I made of it at the time was that I was stupid and there was something so intensely WRONG with me.

I even began to feel that I was addicted to the behaviors that led to my unhappiness because it felt like I couldn’t help myself.  I felt so inept at times.  It only increased my self-judgment.

I was constantly thinking that I had to figure it all out and it felt like it was completely beyond my ability.  I thought I had to work in form, push density, and MAKE things happen to heal my relationships.

It took me so many years to find the better way.  As soon as I figured it out, the healing began happening.  Phew!

My class last week on Relationship Healing & Harmony was designed to share with you some of the key things I learned through all my difficulties.  My intention is to be truly helpful in offering these clear and simple tips.

If you have relationship issues, this is the class for you and it’s up right now for you to listen to on replay, and download.  We even have the transcript for you.

I know so many people who are telling me about their relationship challenges. Those challenges, ALL challenges are the opportunity to have a breakthrough to healing. Are you resisting or are you willing?

There were 5 clear tips I presented in my recent class. Now is the time to really bring on your breakthrough. If you’re willing to be led and guided Spirit will show you the way!

Do you have any upsets in your relationships? Now is the time to rock your healing!  It can make such a difference for you and your loved ones and truly improve the quality of your relationships – ALL of your relationships will benefit from applying these simple tips.

FREE CLASS:  Let me suggest some simple ways you can immediately feel more successful in your relationships.  When you’re ready to stop and drop the same old patterns of upset in relationships, the tips and tools I offer in this free class will really support you.  They’re SO simple and yet they have a profound effect.    You can learn to remember to Partner UP rather than struggling in your relationships and that feels so good.  You can stop playing small, and live your calling by ALLOWING healing your relationships.  Are you willing to make more loving choices to deepen your spiritual practice and accelerate your awakening by being a healing presence in your family? It’s easier than you think! Check out my free class – the download is available now!  Relationship Healing & Harmony.

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know?  Thank you! 

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