November 11, 2017

Mikey & I love these intricate lego sculptures. Wow! Impressive! (BTW, we also love dragons!)

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One of my all-time favorite teachers is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  and he is so clear about revenge.  It makes sense.  He was a true student of Jesus.  They knew the power of forgiveness to transform not only the life of the person who seems to be attacked, but also the life of the attacker.  After all, we are united.  When one is lifted, all are lifted instantly.

Dr. King warns us that the opportunity to seek revenge will come, and when that moment arrives, not to take it.  He advises to go the other way and have a profound healing.

Revenge, it’s been said, is a dish best served cold.

The implication there is * that if you hold onto your murderous thoughts, and let them ripen into your plots of anger, attack, and anguish, that it’s far more satisfying.

It’s only satisfying to the ego for a moment – and that’s NEVER worth the price.  Ever.  It’s a meal of broken glass and metal shavings.  Avoid it at all costs.

The temptation to exact revenge can be so strong at times.  It’s the ego at it’s worst.

Fortunately, there’s an antidote and it’s making a clear decision that you are worth more than being the ego’s puppet.  Your life is more than an investment in empty and pointless imaginings and expressions of bile.

My invitation is to look at all the littlest choices for revenge that come up in your life, in your heart and your mind, and give them all away to the Higher Holy Spirit.  Instead, dedicate yourself to being free and loving yourself fully.

Instead of revenge, let’s choose Unity and dissolve every thought of revenge ever had by anyone at anytime.  That’s a far better use of our mind and our life.  It’s about Self-Love and Self-compassion.  It’s about not torturing ourselves and choosing healing instead.

Let’s focus on something real and let the false ideas and resentments die from lack of attention.  Let’s make our relationships a goldmine of goodness.  Spirit will do the heavy lifting if we allow it!

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