November 23, 2017

This photo makes me grateful for laughter, dogs and cats and Life itself! Happy Thanksgiving!

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As I reflect this Thanksgiving morning, waiting for one of my favorite events – the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade – to come on television, I’m grateful to be grateful.

I am grateful for YOU, my precious Prayer Partner!

This year, I have a lot to be grateful for, and while I can make a list of things to be grateful for, the very best part of my life is the people in my life. Each year, my relationships strengthen and I become more free to truly Love without guilt, blame and shame like I was sharing about in my radio show last week.

I am so completely not perfect at relationship yet. And yet, I am so grateful that I can recognize my connection with my brothers and sisters and embrace everything in this dance of life with more ease and more grace.

Believe it or not, one of the most challenging things of all for me is simply clear communication. It’s very challenging to have Clarity in a world where most of us are still interpreting things through the lens of the past. So often in my relationships, and so often in counseling others about their relationships, all the upsets are so evidently a result of people not actually listening to each other. The projects of our own mis-beliefs block the flow of Love every time.

Yet I rejoice because, every day I notice that I have a greater capacity to communicate more clearly.
And I rejoice because that’s what life is for. It’s about the discovery of our true identity as perfect Love and it IS happening in our hearts.

I am so grateful that every day I can learn to Love more fully and I do.

I am grateful that when others are triggered, I don’t have to join them and react.

I’ve learned to stand in the power of Love to bring our Love boat to the shore of right relationship. I put the Spirit in-charge and I call the angels. I do the same thing when I get triggered. It works so well.

People ask me, “How do you remember to Partner UP?”

At first, I learned to remember because I didn’t like how I felt and I wished to do something to help myself.

Now, I Partner Up, because it works. I know the power of it. And I Partner UP instead of suffering because I wish to Love myself and make my life more beautiful. I am so grateful I can look at my daily errors without attacking myself, but choosing to be grateful that I can experience more Freedom because I’m learning from my choices and not punishing myself anymore.

I am so grateful for the Higher Holy Spirit Self leading and guiding us all, whether we know it or not, whether we believe or not. I thank God that our beliefs, no matter how intense they are, cannot actually damage us in anyway at all – they can only teach us.

I am for my increasing awareness of the truth in this human experience.

This is one of my favorite teachings of A Course in Miracles, from the Workbook Lesson 183:

I Call Upon God’s Name And My Own

“God’s Name is holy, but no holier than yours.
To call upon His Name is but to call upon your own.
A father gives his son his name,
and thus identifies the son with him.

His brothers share his name,
and thus are they united in a bond
to which they turn for their identity.

Your Father’s Name reminds you who you are,
even within a world that does not know;
even though you have not remembered it.

God’s Name cannot be heard without response,
nor said without an echo in the mind that calls you to remember.

Say His Name, and you invite the angels to surround the ground on which you stand,
and sing to you as they spread out their wings to keep you safe,
and shelter you from every worldly thought that would intrude upon your holiness.

I am so grateful that I can call my Creator’s name and the angels to come to help me. I don’t ever have to struggle alone unless I’d like to. I can call a million angels to help me and there are still plenty to help everyone else. I love that.

Angels cannot intercede without our request.

Give an Angel a job and call them to help with shifting your feelings and your thoughts. Ask for assistance in being more loving, kind, generous and patient. Ask for help with speaking truthfully. Ask for assistance in releasing the judgment and extending compassion. This works so well.

Isn’t it wonderful that we can be grateful for all this love and support. The more we ask for it, the more we will experience and the more we will know that we are so profoundly loved by all that is and by our Creator. Knowing this, we can then be of service to the Light with our whole life.

So much to be grateful for.

Rainbows of Love and Light from my heart to yours!

Gotta run! The parade is starting!

BTW – I’ve written so many Daily Spiritual Espressos about gratitude and the connection to Prosperity and Abundance and the effect on our relationships. In case you’d like some extra support this Thanksgiving Day!

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