Time Investment

November 27, 2017

Taking a moment to connect is always a good investment!

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Sometimes, there’s someone we meet in the course of a day who can use a bit of Love and support, and in our busy life and days, it can seem like it’s too much to take time to talk with someone to comfort them.  I get it, I’ve got a LOT to do in my work as a minister.  My days can be super full.

And yet, I find the best investment of my time and energy  can be that extra 5, 10, or 20 minutes spent with a person who is going through something in the moment.  The thing that’s important for us to know though – is whether or not it’s ours to do.

It can feel like tricky business to know in our heart what the right thing to do is.  I’ve learned how to really FEEL it.  We do the best we can, and our intention to walk in the world as truly loving and helpful being is key.  I miss the mark sometimes, but that’s when I can be kind and loving to myself rather than attack myself for my missed opportunity.

Here’s how we can help discern what’s best in the moment:

Consider whether or not you’re looking to get anything in return. If we’re being kind and caring to someone in order to get anything for ourselves, then it’s time to recalibrate.

Many times in my past, I was nice to people in order to manipulate them to do something I wanted.   Many times, I’ve been kind to someone because I wanted to get some kind of validation that I was a good person.

There are so many ways we can subtly manipulate other people and it always backfires in one way or another. For instance, we can go to a lot of trouble to help someone so that they’ll do something for us, but then they don’t want to reciprocate, and we resent it – or they feel manipulated and they resent it. Either way, it’s not adding anything to our lives that is helpful.

Just being present to our intentions and modifying them, if they’re ego-fueled, helps us to live a life with a lot more Love. It’s Self-loving to only act from loving intentions. It brings A LOT more Peace and that’s Self-loving.

It’s not a good investment of our time and energy to do things with an ego motivation. When we stop and take 10 minutes to support someone because our Spirit inspires us to do so, then we’re going to actually gain so much more than 10 minutes.

When we give 10 minutes in service, we’re going to receive much more from Spirit. We can’t out-give Spirit. We’re not giving in order to get from Spirit, we’re giving in order to share because we have.

As it says in A Course in Miracles, “To have, give all to all.” In order to actually feel the Love and support of the Universe, give Love and support wherever Spirit calls you to share. You’ll always feel prosperous when you do! Talk about a good investment!

True Prosperity is always feeling like you’re giving from the overflow. Spirit provides an infinite supply. When we share it, we’re also receiving it!

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